What's in your garden? Here are some answers.

Learn about the insects that are hatching out right now, and what they may mean for your yard, garden, and home

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Identify that caterpillar you found with the help of this handy guide. Find out what you need to know in this quick and easy-to-use guide to garden caterpillars

How to raise a caterpillar to the adult butterfly or moth


I'm passionate about the natural world, and I'm on a mission to help people understand and appreciate every part of the life around them. When I was little, I was head-over-heels in love with every single flying or crawling thing I could find. Pretty soon I was the neighborhood's bug expert, and people would bring me caterpillars and other insects to identify. More...

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(Aside from birds, of course). Here are the butterflies and other bugs that you're likely to find early in the season, in your garden and around the house. Which ones should you worry about, and which ones should you thank? More...

Part One was weird enough, but Part Two ups the ante. We're taking a little nip of the highly toxic beetle juice that oozes out of these bugs' knees, and while it may make you stand at attention, it may also kill your horse! More...

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Unfortunately yes, it happens. This article helps you recognize stinging caterpillars and keep your little four-legged bozo from messing with them. More...

Some centipedes can bite, but most are nothing to worry about. This article will help you figure out which is which, including the ones that run for their lives when you move a box in your basement. More...

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