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The Basics:

  • Does it sting? No

  • What does it eat? Baptisia and other common garden plants

  • Will it seriously damage plants or trees? Yes, it can be a real problem.

  • Is it rare? No.

  • What does it turn into? A small brown moth

  • Can you raise it to an adult? Not advised because these moths are so destructive in groups.

Genista Broom Moth

The Genista broom moth caterpillar can be very destructive on some plants, especially to Baptisia species including the pea-like wild indigo plant. Genista caterpillars generally feed in groups. While they are rather small and slim individually, as a group they can eat a tremendous amount. The moth is a nondescript brown insect in the subfamily Pyraustinae, which has hundreds of members that most people barely notice.

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Genista broom moth

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